Friday, January 11, 2008

Oldest parliament in the world burned down

In the past week since the judge handed down the 27 year sentence to a Icelandic cult leader, there has been civil disobedience all throughout the city of Reykjavik.

It all started on the second day of the year 2008. Two hundred traffic signs where taken down and about three hundred traffic lights broken. 172 people where arrested that night.

On the morning of the third day, the Icelandic stock exchange took the biggest dive that has been seen in any stock exchange around the world. The markets main OMXI index fell 45% midday, but ended up loosing 21%. A analyst was quoted saying “This situation cuts to the moral fiber of our society.”

The forth day started early for many civil servants. Around 5:30AM police and the fire department where called to the oldest parliament in the world (Althingi) because of reported fire. When police and firetrucks entered adjoining streets to Althingi, they where greeted by human blockades.

All in all, the police estimates that there where around 1500 people taking part in the blockades. Around 250 people where chained together at each entrance point to Althingi, six in all. The gathering was meticulously planned said a police spokesman.

It took police about three hours to break through the first blockade and by the time the firetrucks got passed the first blockade and arrived outside the house, Althingi had burned to the ground.

The prime minister was quoted later that day saying “This is a sad moment for the world.”

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Anonymous said...

wtf ! alþingi er ekkert brunnið. á þetta að vera eitthvað djók eða...?